March 10, 2016

Ever wondered how Stitch & Hide leather produces that unique worn-in effect? It stays soft, smooth and durable because we use premium, full grain vegetable tanned leather.

Our leather is made to timeworn methods, not treated with harsh chemicals. Rather, we use vegetable tanning methods with organic materials like tree bark. Our leather stains easily and darkens in sunlight - which is a good thing! This is why no two vegetable tanned items ever remain the same. They’re a reflection of where you’ve been and tell the story of your environment.

When a bag, belt, wallet or clutch is new, the vegetable tanned leather is very light in colour. Over time, due to age, moisture, wear and sunlight, the leather develops a patina and darkens in colour. Many people prefer the vegetable tanned process to darken their leather to a honey colour.

The Vegetable Tanning Process:

Vegetable tanning is an early and slow method of tanning that dates back to Ancient Rome. From Roman soldiers’ sandals, Christopher Columbus’ belts and uniforms and the saddles of cowboys in the Wild West. The process uses tannins from the bark of Chestnut, Oak and Fir trees amongst others. The leather is soaked for days in the natural dyes, giving the leather extra strength.

Vegetable tanned leather is renowned worldwide as premium quality, practical, durable and strong. We don't use synthetic washes. Our vegetable tanned leathers have no substances applied to their surface, which allows the natural oils of these beautiful and fine leathers to be showcased. 

Vegetable tanned leathers, which include the entire Stitch & Hide range, age beautifully while respecting the environment. We don't want to cover our product in nasty chemicals. The vegetable tanning allows the natural oils in the leather to surface, embellish the original product with the surrounding environment. 

Photography: @paredolia_visuals, Rikki Kasso

Shop our vegetable tanned range here.


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